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Directing a grant project presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. The project director (also called "principal investigator" by some federal agencies) should have a complete understanding of the grant proposal, the notice of award and terms of the grant, and PVCC's policies and procedures. The College provides many resources to assist the grant project director with the role and responsibilities. The staff of the Grants Office and the Business Office supports the project director and provides assistance with project implementation, compliance, and financial management of the project budget and expenditures.


For grant project directors, the key reference resource is the Handbook of Grant Award Management and Compliance. Another important resource is the College Policies.


As a new or continuing grant project director, you will need to use one or more of the following grant administration forms (see Handbook of Grant Award Management and Compliance for additional instructions):

  • Grant Management Plan (GMP)
    Once a grant is awarded, the project director completes the initial GMP and submits it to the Grants Office or posts it directly into the Grants Shared Folder on the network server (see description below). Quarterly, the project director updates the GMP in the Grants Shared Folder.
  • Grant Expenditure Tracking Spreadsheet
    From the start of an active grant project, the project director uses this pre-formatted spreadsheet to record and track grant expenditures as they occur and to reconcile the expenditures with the financial records maintained by the Business Office.
  • Exempt Staff Grant Time and Effort Reporting Form
    An exempt classified staff member whose work time is charged in part or in whole to a grant budget completes this form at the end of each term.
  • Faculty Time and Effort Report and Notice to Charge Release Time to Grant
    At the end of each term, faculty with grant release time complete this form. The division dean signs and submits the completed form to the Business Office in order to charge faculty release time to the grant budget.
Scheduling Grant Management Activities Over Grant Life Cycle

The Grants Manager schedules due dates for completion of initial Grant Management Plans (GMPs) and schedules project kick-off, quarterly review, and closeout meetings during the life cycle of each grant. Each project director is responsible for scheduling all other project meetings as needed to coordinate the management of the project with the project team and other colleagues at the College or with any external partners that may be involved.

Grants Shared Folder

The Grants Office maintains a master Grants Shared Folder on the network server. Individual grant subfolders are included for each active grant project. Each subfolder contains the pertinent grant application, budget, and administration documents for the grant, including the Grant Management Plan (GMP). Members of each grant project team are given security permissions to access and modify the contents in the subfolder for their project.

To access the Grants Shared Folder on-campus, copy the link below, paste it into your browser's Address box and hit the Enter key.

Once in the master shared folder, you click on and open the subfolder for the particular grant that you wish to access.

It is recommended that grant project team members create a shortcut on their computer desktop for ready access to the grants shared folder. Following are the steps for setting up the shortcut on your PC:

  1. Go to your computer Desktop
  2. Right click
  3. Select New
  4. Select Shortcut
  5. In the first Create Shortcut window, paste in the above link; then click Next
  6. In the next Create Shortcut window, give the shortcut a name (Ex. GrantsSharedFolders); then click Finish

The shortcut will now be on your Desktop/in your Desktop file list when opening files in Word, Excel, etc. Just click the shortcut to go directly to the shared grant folders.

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